• Mineral body sunscreens | Devita vs Derma E

    Body sunscreens as cosmetics are difficult to like. Who wants to blend a tacky white lotion onto sweaty skin (particularly in the summer)? So finding good formulas is quite difficult, especially in the green beauty world. Today I wanted to compare two similar body sunscreens from natural brands Devita and Derma E. They both offer mineral-based broad spectrum spf 30 lotions.

    Looking at the composition, I think the two products are comparable. They are formulated in an hydrating base with micronized zinc oxide at a 19% formula for the Devita Solar Body moisturizer and 20% for the Derma E natural mineral sunscreen. I find that the Devita is more moisturizing (it’s certainly due to the added plant oils and shea butter). At any rate, they both protect my skin very well. So this isn’t where we can separate one from the other.

    Devita Solar body moisturizer and Derma E natural mineral sunscreen

    Now, if we look at the packaging and although they seem similar being both packaged in a tube, the Devita is more sturdy. In this photo, they look alike and quite beat up but I need to point out that I’ve had the Devita for a year and the Derma E for only a month! Also, the Derma E tube is too bendy which makes it difficult to squeeze the product out. Plus, I’m a bit disappointed by the label which was poorly sticked on. So, Devita wins in this category.

    The main difference I noticed was related to the texture. (Derma E is swatched on the right in these photos.) As you can see, the Derma E is thinner in consistency and spreads more easily on the skin. I prefer it because it doesn’t leave a sticky film behind. I also don’t notice a white cast when I blend it in whereas the Devita sunscreen does have a slight one. This is the deciding factor for me.

    To recap, the Devita sunscreen is more moisturizing, has better packaging but leaves a slight white cast and is a bit tacky on the skin. On the other hand, the Derma E, whilst sporting a subpar packaging, leaves no white cast or stickiness behind and penetrates more quickly into the skin. All in all, although I would say that both products are good body sunscreens, I enjoy the Derma E more. You can get them on Iherb. The Devita retails for 22$/7oz and the Derma E retails for 15,80$/30,4oz.

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