• Derma E mineral face sunscreen

    This is going to be a short review but I feel like it’s necessary for me to present the good and the bad products on this blog, especially regarding sunscreens which are notoriously hard to shop for.

    Derma E is a natural affordable brand that you’ve already seen mentioned on this blog in a mineral body sunscreen comparison. Since I liked their body sunscreen, I decided to try the oil-free face version they offer.

    The ingredient list is relatively short which I like. The sun protection is provided by a mineral filter (20% zinc oxide) and, in the rest of the formula, we can find hydrating ingredients such as glycerin and panthenol along with antioxidants (vitamin C and E). It doesn’t contain fragrance or irritating essential oils but it does contain a small amount of silicones in the form of triethoxycaprylylsilane. So far, on paper, it sounds good.

    The problem appears when I try to apply it. I have to say that the light texture seemed promising. However, as you can see in the photos, as soon as you try to rub it in, it starts to peel and flake. I’m glad I’ve only tested it on my neck (although it was still extremely annoying to have to remove every single flake afterwards…). I’ve since looked at other reviews and a lot of people seem to experience the same problem (I don’t know why I had dismissed them when I first researched the product).

    I like the body sunscreen from the same brand and, interestingly, it actually has the same composition except it also includes sunflower oil which might help prevent the peeling problem. What’s unfair is that it costs the same price (15,8$) as the face sunscreen for a tube that’s two times the size!

    Unfortunately this isn’t a product I can recommend as it doesn’t pass the basic requirements for a sunscreen (or any lotion for that matter).

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