• De Mamiel Exhale daily hydrating nectar |Eco luxe cream

    I don’t own many Eco luxe skincare products (let’s just say that I don’t have the budget for it!). However, I’m happy to try them whenever they’re included in beauty boxes.

    I got the travel size of De Mamiel’s Exhale daily hydrating nectar in my content beauty x psychologies set. (It is still available if you’re interested and it’s on sale at the moment.) The full-size – 50ml/ 1.7 fl. oz – retails for 83£ (ouch!).

    Essentially this is a hybrid between a moisturizer, sunscreen and skin tint. It comes out as a sheer tinted cream that blends easily into the skin. It doesn’t have any coverage but gives a gorgeous glow. I think that, in finish, it is similar to a luminous primer. Every time I use it, I am left with radiant looking skin.

    The ingredient list is as long as my arm. So I’m not going to delve into it in great detail. Suffice to say that it contains a blend of antioxidant plant oils (raspberry seed, camellia seed, blackcurrant seed…) and plant extracts along with hydrating hyaluronic acid and glycerin. It’s a beautiful, complex formula.

    It also sports a mineral SPF 30 thanks to the combination of Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide. It doesn’t leave any white cast (the tint helps with that) and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin; all top points really.

    I’m sure you can sense the “but” coming and it’s not solely due to its high price tag. The problem is that, after a few uses, I started to suspected that it was breaking me out. I waited until my skin was clear to retest it. Unfortunately, I again experienced small blemishes and clogged pores. It’s a shame because this is a good product.

    The daily nectar seems to be too rich for me. I believe it might be better suited for someone with a drier skin type (or someone who is not prone to breakouts). At this price (and for any product really, wherever possible) I think you should try a sample before investing in the full size product to see whether it suits your skin.

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