• Current skincare routine | Autumn 2019

    Here’s a look at my current skincare routine. My main concerns are to hydrate, protect my skin, treat hyperpigmentation and control breakouts.

    AM routine

    Main goals: hydrate and protect my skin from environmental aging.

    I’m focusing on using a gentle cleanser, layering the hydrating products and using a two-step approach to protect my skin (antioxidants + sunscreen). It’s enough for my skin at the moment but if it gets tight, I will add the Jordan Samuel Skin soothing facial oil and/or the skin rehab rich moisturizer from A.Florence skincare.

    PM routine

    • Makeup remover: Jordan Samuel Skin the after show treatment cleanser.
    • Cleanser: Pai gentle hydrating cleanser.
    • Hydrating mist: Heritage store rosewater & glycerin.
    • Hydrating serum : A. Florence skincare hydration booster serum.
    • Antioxidant serum : A.Florence skincare super serum.
    • Eye cream: Devita revitalizing eyelift cream.
    • Face oil : Jordan Samuel Skin soothing facial oil.

    Main goals: repair and nourish the skin.

    As you can see, most of the products are the same as the ones used in my AM routine. I believe consistency is key for seeing results and keeping the skin calm and balanced (but it’s hard not to be tempted by all of the new products out there!). I might change some of the products according to what I’m testing at the moment and I also sometimes switch the hydrating toner.

    Retinol night routine

    • Makeup remover : Jordan Samuel Skin the after show treatment cleanser for sensitive skin.
    • Cleanser : Pai gentle hydrating cleanser.
    • Hydrating mist: Heritage store rosewater & glycerin.
    • Hydrating serum/ skin buffer :  A.Florence skincare hydration booster serum.
    • Vitamin A oil: A.Florence skincare intense night repair oil.
    • Moisturizer (only if my skin feels tight): A.Florence skincare skin rehab rich moisturizer.

    Main goals: treat fines lines, pigmentation and skin texture.

    I have two samples of the reformulated intense repair oil from A. Florence skincare that I’m currently using. The main difference is that the new formula contains retinaldehyde instead of retinol. This is my first time using retinaldehyde, that’s why I need to be careful with how often I apply it. I’ve recently upped the frequency to three times a week. On these night, I love to use a soothing double cleansing combo.

    If you want to know how to build your own skincare routine tailored for your main concerns, I wrote a dedicated article that you can read here.

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