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    In recent months, new additions have joined the inevitable clay mask in my edited skincare wardrobe. I find them very effective and wanted to briefly introduce them here before reviewing each one properly later on.

    It can take me quite a bit of time to post in-depth reviews on the blog (although if you’re interested in more up-to-date content, I’m more reactive on Instagram where I post first impressions, routines etc.). However, these masks were too good for me to wait to tell you about: they help with skin clarity, texture and smoothness. Pretty good huh?

    The principle behind a skincare wardrobe is that your skin needs change overtime (whether daily, weekly, monthly…). And so the general classification by skin types isn’t always accurate or relevant for your specific needs. Your skin can sometimes be dehydrated, other times produce more sebum (for women, around your period for example) or it can simply be irritated that day…

    The objective is to tailor your routine to your skin condition of the moment. For that you need an edited collection of skincare products to address various conditions (I’m currently working on an article on “How to build your own skincare routine“).

    So in this vein,  I have a few masks on rotation. Generally, I tend to do a deep cleansing one once a week and a hydrating/soothing mask when needed.

    The Cattier pink clay mask is a staple for me. I use it when I want to deeply cleanse my skin since clay helps to absorb excess oils and draw out impurities. This specific mask is great because it isn’t irritating. 

    As I said earlier, I’ve discovered two great face masks :

    • Dermabiome (now called Restore) is a powder mask made by the brilliant facialist Marie Reynolds. It harnesses the power of phytonutrients and probiotics to accelerate the healing process of the skin. It’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It works by balancing the skin and supporting the epidermal flora. As such, it’s amazing for treating blemishes, redness and for brightening the skin. It’s truly a game changer!
    • Manuka honey obviously isn’t a skincare product but, besides adding it to my tea, I use it as a mask. It’s known for its antibacterial, healing and humectant properties. I find that it soothes and hydrates my skin. Every time I use it, I marvel at how smooth and balanced my skin feels afterwards. I love it!

    That’s it from me today! As I said, I will review these three masks properly in the coming weeks. 

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