• Caudalie body lotion VS body butter

    Caudalie is one of my favorite french pharmacy brands. I think you can easily compose a great full skincare routine picking products from their various lines. Now, between these two body moisturizers, one is clearly my favorite. It surpasses the other in every way. Let’s dive into this review!

    Obviously, although they both aim to moisturize, they differ in their galenic which their names hint at: body butter vs body lotion.

    I bought the Vine body butter last year for the first time, on the advice of my local pharmacy. What a great discovery it has been! It has a whipped buttery texture that melts into the skin. A combination of glycerin, grape seed oil and Shea butter works hard at deeply moisturizing your body. The hydration provided lasts all day.

    With great body moisturizers, I find that my skin stays fresh and supple throughout the day without being overloaded. (I don’t like feeling a film on my skin, especially when you have to wear clothes over it!) So, skin is left hydrated, supple, soft and lightly perfumed. This is the classic Caudalie body product scent, a fresh citrusy fragrance. I personally like it.

    Having liked the body butter so much, this autumn I decided to try their Nourishing body lotion. As expected, it has a lighter texture, slightly creamier than your typical lotion.

    The first thing that put me off was the scent. I was expecting the classic Caudalie scent I was talking about earlier. It couldn’t have been more of a disappointing surprise. It reminds me of a strong men cologne!

    Performance-wise, it’s also a letdown. The body lotion contains grape and sesame seed oils along with glycerin. It sinks into the skin immediately but, to me, it’s clearly not moisturizing enough. (I must mention that, on my body, my skin is not extremely dry.) I felt like I needed to constantly reapply it and the hydration still barely lasted. It didn’t work for me. I’ve finished it (on my hands mostly) but I won’t repurchase it in the future.

    I highly recommend the body butter though. It’s the clear winner of this battle!



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