• Blemish extractors – A brief overview

    I am currently preparing a step-by-step article on how to properly extract blemishes and also another one about different kinds of spot treatments. I wanted to begin this spot series with the skincare tools that facilitate pimple extractions. These are usually called extractors or blackhead removers. There is the traditional comedones extractor with its double loops. I bought mine on Sephora a few years ago (they make a purple one now). I also discovered recently the blakchead tweezer (which I got on Amazon).

    I must say that I didn’t know how to properly use the double-ended blemish extractor when I first got it. That’s why it remained in the back of my beauty cabinet for quite some time. The thing is, I first tried to use it on the blackheads on my nose. I was pressing hard left and right and was left with little horseshoe red marks all over my nose (even when I steamed my face beforehand). I think most of my blackheads aren’t prominent enough to warrant the use of such a tool.

    However, it’s a really useful way of extracting pimples or closed comedones. I try to only use it when blemishes are close to the surface of the skin and “ready” to be popped. I tend to exfoliate the area beforehand and disinfect it afterwards. Also, don’t forget to sanitize the tool after each use! (I’ll talk more about this whole process in my upcoming article.)

    This is a good skincare tool. It enables you to quickly and effectively extract pimples. As for the blackhead tweezer, I didn’t like this novelty device. It does seem to work for other people (according to reviews and videos I’ve seen). I just couldn’t make it work for me. It slipped too much on my skin and so, to me, it’s useless. Stick with the original double-ended extractor!

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