• 16 Youtube channels to watch – beauty, style and health

    After the blogs and Instagram accounts, here are my favorite Youtube channels for skincare, makeup, style and fitness!

    I’ve been following some of these women for years and if you’ve read my previous articles on my favorite blogs and Instagram accounts, you’ll recognize some of the faces. (I think we can now safely call this stalking…)

    If you’re looking for new content to watch, you’ve stumbled on the right post. Here are the channels I love (in no particular order).


    • Caroline Hirons

    What you will find: reviews, empties, interviews, Q&As, new launches, favorites, brand overviews, vlogs…

    • Gothamista

    What you will find : reviews, routines, favorites, ingredient focus, tutorials…

    • Nadine Baggott

    What you will find: skincare and makeup reviews, ingredient focus, hilarious beauty hag segment with Jo Jones, interviews, favorites, empties, new launches…

    • Nerida Joy

    What you will find: esthetician advice, step-by-step facials for various skin conditions/concerns (acne, hyperpigmentation, sensitive skin, sagging skin, rosacea…) with video follow-ups

    • Clelia2612

    What you will find: French channel, focus on green beauty (skincare, makeup) with reviews, swatches, favorites, hauls and also lifestyle and style content.


    • Lisa Eldridge

    What you will find: makeup tutorials on herself and various models, favorites, focus on specific makeup techniques.

    • Violette_fr

    What you will find: makeup tutorials filmed in her favorite places, makeup lessons on other people, hair tutorials…

    • Pixiwoo

    What you will find: makeup tutorials filmed by makeup artists and sisters Samantha Chapman and Nicola Chapman Haste, interviews with beauty pros (skincare, hair…)

    • Monika Blunder

    What you will find: celebrity makeup looks, makeup tutorials on models and herself, favorites, routines…

    • Sharon Farrell

    What you will find: makeup tutorials, empties, favorites, lifestyle…


    • Justine Leconte

    What you will find: videos decoding fashion, guides to making better purchases, trends…

    • Jillian Lansky

    What you will find: style hauls, try ons, lookbooks, makeup tutorials, skincare routines…

    • The Anna Edit

    What you will find: capsule wardrobe videos, lookbooks, organization tips, makeup and skincare videos…

    Health & fitness

    • Shona Vertue

    What you will find: strength training, yoga, mobility routines, meditation…

    • Rhiannon Lambert (new channel)

    What you will find: nutrition content, recipes, interviews, TV appearances…

    • Yoga with adrienne

    What you will find: everything yoga (30-day yoga videos, foundations of yoga, theme specific practices…), guided meditation.


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