• My favorite base makeup brushes

    Makeup tools can sometimes be almost as important as the makeup product you chose regarding the specific finish you want to achieve. I find that it’s especially true when you want to create a flawless base.

    I made a series of posts on Instagram a while back about my favorite brushes categorizing them according to the texture of the product used. Here’s the low-down.

    Best foundation brushes

    • For liquids

    Here, you’re usually looking for a dome or flat top brush with medium density bristles. I like the Zoeva 110 and 122 brushes. They blend liquid makeup beautifully into the skin and the stippling brush can also be used to apply cream bronzers and blushes.

    Another great option would be the Real techniques buffing brush (you can get it in the core collection set). Both brands make affordable yet quality brushes.

    • For creams

    Creams obviously have a thicker texture, so you will need a denser brush to really work the product into your skin.

    I find that the RMS beauty skin2skin foundation brush is great for creamy bases. It pushes the product into the skin giving you high coverage whilst blending it in.

    For this purpose, I also like the Real techniques expert face brush.

    • For powders

    I haven’t dared yet to use the Wayne Goss 01 brush with liquids (it’s so pristine and beautiful!) but  it makes a great difference to powder foundation application. The difficulty when using powders is not disrupting the concealing work you’ve done underneath. This brush is like an hybrid between a buffing and a duo fibre brush. So you get great coverage but it also blends powder seamlessly into the skin. I can blend on top of heavily covered areas without disturbing them. It’s unique in my collection.

    Duo fibre brushes give a sheer finish to your chosen base. I love using the Sigma F 50 with powder bronzers and compact powders which can otherwise look heavy on the skin.

    Best concealer brushes

    • For precision concealing

    Flat brushes are particularly good for precision concealing and giving high coverage. I like using eye liner brushes or painting brushes (like the one pictured here). They work well with highly pigmented and/or denser concealers.

    • For liquids

    Soft dome brushes are great for diffusing liquid concealers. I was pleasantly surprised by the Sephora airbrush concealer #57 brush. It blends my Bareminerals serum concealer flawlessly into my skin. I’ve been using it almost every day.

    • For creams

    Shorter and denser dome brushes are similar to their soft version but better suited for creamy textures (if you use them with liquids, they blend too much and you lose a bit of the coverage). I like the Zoeva concealer buffer 142 brush.

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