• 11 blogs to follow – Beauty, style and lifestyle

    Looking for new blogs to follow? I’ve got you covered.

    For a long time, I was on the lookout for new blogs to read (I think I still have some “best beauty blogs” listings bookmarked on my computer). The thing is, with so many people blogging, I know that there are bound to be blogs that I would love that I’m missing out on, simply because I haven’t heard of them. I love reading these kinds of posts from other bloggers. So I knew I wanted to make my own list of favorite blogs to follow.

    I’ve read some of these blogs for years now and they are mostly beauty or lifestyle related. It’s difficult to categorize them as such because they often include a bit of everything. Indeed, although they might have started out as a beauty or style blog, most have evolved over the years to encompass much more varied topics. For ease of reading though, I will classify them under beauty, style, lifestyle and wellness here. My most favorite blogs (the ones that I read weekly and that are bookmarked in my toolbar) will be marked with an asterisk (*). If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll have seen some of these people already mentioned in my favorite Instagram accounts.

    As an aside, I know that blogging and reading really isn’t as popular these days. However, I have to say that I still love the blog format. I find that when you read someone’s work, you can really connect with them, appreciate their point of view and relate to them. To me, blogs aren’t going anywhere.

    Anyway, here goes!

    • Beauty

    Amodelrecommends * (read here)

    Ruth Crilly is a fashion model (hence the name of the blog) that began her blogging journey by reviewing beauty products and sharing the tips she has learned throughout her career.

    She is a brilliant writer (and has actually earned an MA in creative writing!). She makes you feel as though she’s letting you peek inside her mind. Reading her articles is like following her thought process and she often goes off on hilarious tangents! I find her incredibly funny (so much so that I read all of her posts, even when I’m not interested in a particular topic).

    Great if you like : clever beauty and lifestyle content
    Topics : beauty, fashion, lifestyle
    I particularly love : her writing, beauty reviews

    Beautyeditor (read here)

    Michelle Villett, former beauty and health editor at Elle Canada, is the founder and editor of this site. She focuses on natural beauty products and has quite a strong opinion on which ingredients she wants/avoids in cosmetics. Although I don’t agree with everything she believes in (eg. her avoidance of polyunsaturated oils in skincare), I do like her general ethos.

    She also has a great celebrity beauty section with red carpets reports, beauty trends monitoring and skincare routines breakdown. It’s full of makeup and hair inspiration.

    Great if you like : green beauty, celebrity beauty routines
    Topics : skincare, makeup, celebrity beauty inspiration
    I particularly love : skincare reviews, celebrity red carpet makeup

    Caroline Hirons * (read here)

    Caroline Hirons is the skincare queen. I could actually leave it at that. As I’ve said when I mentioned her on my favorite IG accounts to follow, if you are at all interested in skincare, you should follow her.

    She is a qualified aesthetician and all-round skincare expert. On her site, you’ll learn everything you need to know about skincare (with some makeup content thrown into the mix).

    She does brilliant skincare cheat sheets where she tackles all the questions you might have (routines, spots, facial massage…).

    Great if you like : skincare, no-nonsense approach
    Topics : skincare, makeup
    I particularly love : the cheat sheets, product reviews, hall of fame products, brand overviews

    Get the gloss (read here)

    Get the gloss is an online beauty and wellness website. To me, it reads like a magazine. You learn about all the new launches. They also interview beauty, nutrition and fitness professionals (facialists, makeup artists, hairdressers, PT, nutritionists…).

    This a site I like to check regularly, especially for the wellness category.


    Great if you like : beauty & wellness
    Topics : skincare, makeup, health, fitness, nutrition
    I particularly love : pro interviews, book recommendations

    Into the gloss * (read here)

    This beauty website was founded by Emily Weiss in 2010. It is a great site to follow if you’re interested in beauty. I love their profiles and interesting segments such as the The top shelf, Top shelf after dark, #ITGtopshelfie… They showcase various beauty routines and ethos which is perfect if you’re a beauty addict who’s a bit nosy. You feel like you get to enter into people’s bathrooms and learn about their routines.


    Great if you like : beauty
    Topics : skincare, makeup, profiles
    I particularly love : The top shelf, reviews, profiles
    • Style & Lifestyle

    The Anna edit * (read here)

    This blog was originally beauty focused and called Viviannadoesmakeup. Although you will still find beauty content there, Anna Gardner has expanded her blog with great lifestyle and style content. She’s into capsule wardrobes and posts excellent articles about her looks and style inspirations.

    She is also an organization freak (in a good way) and I enjoy the related articles she writes. I love that her lifestyle content is varied and engaging (fitness, travel guides, books, deco…).

    Great if you like : beauty, style, lifestyle
    Topics : style, lifestyle, skincare, makeup, travels
    I particularly love :  style articles, skincare and makeup recommendations
    • Health & wellness

    Shona vertue (read here)

    I’ve been following Shona Vertue‘s Instagram account for a year now. However, it’s only recently that I’ve started reading her blog. Shona is a personal trainer, yoga teacher and former gymnast. Her Vertue method focuses on three pillars – strength training, flexibility/mobility and mindfulness- which are topics you’ll find more about on her blog. I love her approach and well thought out articles.

    You’ll also find all of her workouts videos and recipes there. If you’re interested in fitness and health, this is a great blog to read.

    Great if you like : Fitness and wellness
    Topics : fitness, wellness, health, food
    I particularly love :  fitness articles and recipes
    • French blogs

    Being french, I of course read french blogs. So I had to mention them here because they are some of my favorites. If you understand french, check them out!

    Mango and salt * (read here)

    Victoria Arias keeps a green lifestyle blog where she shares her discoveries, passions and ethos. I love how varied and full of inspiration the topics are (style, food, beauty, reading, podcasts, TV shows, travels…). She is very articulate and I love her long, well-researched articles. Although she advocates a more natural lifestyle, she is never prescriptive about it which is refreshing.

    She regularly posts her beauty and lifestyle favorites, delicious veggie recipes, book reviews…


    Great if you like : Green lifestyle
    Topics : ethical fashion, green beauty, books, food, plants, TV shows, travels
    I particularly love :  lifestyle favorites, book recommendations, beauty discoveries

    Mathilde Lacombe (read here)

    Mathilde Lacombe has recently relaunched her blog previously called La vie en blonde. She is the co-founder of Joliebox (now Birchbox) and blogs about beauty,  style, motherhood and lifestyle.

    I’ve been following her for quite some time now and I still like to see what she’s been up to. I enjoy reading her beauty reviews and product recommendations.


    Great if you like : Beauty and lifestyle
    Topics : beauty, style, motherhood, lifestyle
    I particularly love :  beauty routines, pro interviews

    Mon blog de fille * (read here)

    I’ve been following Hélène Legastelois‘ work for years now (she didn’t even make videos at the time!). She’s a beauty lover that began to share her discoveries and favorites on her blog which was created in 2005. She talks about skincare, makeup and style. I love her natural and honest approach whether in writing or in videos. She really gets excited about beauty (even after all this time) and is able to convey that passion through her work.

    Great if you like : Beauty and style
    Topics : skincare, makeup, style
    I particularly love :  skincare articles and favorites videos

    Ole caliente (read here)

    Jessica writes like she surely speaks, simply and naturally. This is a beauty blog where Jessica shares her routines and recipes for DIY beauty products. She also reviews products and talks about wellness, mindfulness and health.

    Plus, I love the clean and clear design of her blog and her simple yet impactful photos.


    Great if you like : Beauty and lifestyle
    Topics : skincare, makeup, health, wellness
    I particularly love :  beauty reviews and wellness posts

    Featured photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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