• Aroma Zone | The nourishing hair mask

    How often do you use hair mask? For years now, I’ve been applying mine every time I wash my hair. It has made a great difference in the quality of my hair.

    I don’t use conditioners much these days. Having dry and thick hair, I realized that it was stupid to spend money on what is essentially a lighter version of a hair mask. Regarding this particular stage of my haircare routine, I look for products that nourish my lengths and facilitate detangling.

    Doing this works well for dry/wavy/curly hair. However, if you have oily or fine hair, you will obviously have to adjust your routine. First, you should chose a more appropriate mask with less occlusives such as plant oils and butters. You can also try to use a smaller amount of mask and really concentrate it on your ends.

    I usually wash my hair three times a week. After shampooing, I part my hair in two sections and apply the mask through my lengths (I avoid the scalp area). I massage it in briefly before combing each part with a wide tooth comb. I then put it up with a clip before washing my body.  I tend to do this at the beginning of the shower in order to leave the mask on my hair for a few minutes before I rinse it out.

    I’ve been using the Aroma Zone organic hair mask for years now. I love its natural composition. It’s formulated in a base of rosemary water with a mix of plant oils and glycerin. As you can see, it has a thick cream texture that softens and deeply moisturizes hair.

    It is retailed as a mask base meaning that you can add in the ingredients of your choice to customize it to your needs. This is the ethos behind the brand Aroma Zone, to mix and blend your own concoctions for your hair, face and body (they always include recipe ideas in their product pages). However, I am too lazy for that. So I tend to use it neat.

    I think it’s a great mask. I have to warn you about its scent though. Unsurprisingly, it smells strongly of rosemary which is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it doesn’t linger, so it’s not a major problem for me. (As an aside, I’ve stumbled upon rosemary in a lot of natural hair products; it must be because of its hair strengthening and stimulating benefits.)

    Plus, it’s a great value for money. It comes in three sizes (30ml/200ml/500ml). I always go for the bigger pot which only costs 9.5€! It’s an affordable, effective and quality product.

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